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drifting 046 with lowercase tres(lowercasesounds.com)
November 10, 2015 09:04 AM PST
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hello friends! i hope you are doing well!

this week lowercasesounds.com went to a 24/7 320kbps stream. i am currently adding shows from all the djs on the station to the auto dj, so anytime you come will hear great music from all of the lowercase sounds djs. with that we are also searchable on some of the streaming radio apps.

right before i started to get ready for my live set on the station this week, i went onto bandcamp.com and picked up a bunch of kevin yost tunes. there are a quite a few tunes that made it into this set, by him and some of his buds. i also got some stellar new tunes from a label that i release on, deep site space. also some serious classics found there way in.

thank you for taking the time to support and listen!

fusique - solaris heights
calor(heat) - glenn underground
fall into jupiter - emiliano martini (deep site space)
trunk - yost & funk
break ups no make ups - chris james
dreams over - kevin yost
save each other - jay tripwire
beautiful to me - nivek tsoy
dreams of you - yost & funk
metropolis of light - jay tripwire
deeper understanding - nivek tsoy
deep winds - dj riquo
so much joy - larry heard
until the sunrise - koala (deep site space)
high standards - yost & funk
whats up my man - erik faust
snake - kevin yost
what do you know - the gentle people
your love out - stp
people going to talk - kevin yost
i can wait - yost & funk
el camino - shazz
blue - plej

drifting 045 with lowercase tres(lowercasesounds.com)
October 12, 2015 07:20 PM PDT
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hello. this weeks broadcast/episode i approached with the idea of a deep dubby journey, i have been studying some shamanism, and have been listening to a decent amount of binaural beats. i want to try this set out with some binaural beats under it, and if it works the way i think it will, i will end up re-sharing this set again.

the set starts out ambient/chillout and builds into some deep dub techno.

thanks for taking the time to download/stream/listen. make sure if you like the music i play you support the artists.


mystical dimensions - metamorphosis
mystic plant - macropia
sem fronteiras - baroni & arjuna
drum gum - joe le bon
autumn mood - freelander
floating numbers - plastic fields
ao.1 - synkopal
part one - doyeq
floating - as if
worlds of if - subset
the receiver - simon mann
nuclear race featuring paul st hilaire - beat pharmacy
bp4(warmth remix) - aspect.
they have been here - planetary secrets
tell me(alex danilov) - pro-tez
memory sound - doyeq
winter forecast - protuberance
prana - deepchord
flop flop - scsi-9
hope & frustration featuring ras b - beat pharmacy
frame - doyeq
backwards never featuring infinity - beat pharmacy
dubstories about us 2 - dandytracks
piece of mind featuring coppa - beat pharmacy

drifting 044 with lowercase tres(lowercasesounds.com)
September 15, 2015 08:47 AM PDT
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hello friends, this week finds me going through some vocals, and a found folder on my computer. i am getting ready for a new party at (drips), it starts this week, and is called D U S K. the party starts at sunset(7:26pm) and rolls until midnight.

thanks for taking the time to download and to listen. i am currently working at getting all the "drifting" podcasts up on mixcloud. once i get them posted, i will start working at getting all the "on a path" episodes up. https://www.mixcloud.com/lowercasetres/

hope you have a wonderful week!

viola - paji
live at the palladium - phil weeks
outcross - moonwalk
zero(mekanism remix) - lula circus
inkwell - huxley
lets groove(claptone remix) - george morel
imprint of pleasure - tube & berger
i believe - hector couto
only begun - coca district
air that - adam curtain, neil parker
got a feeling(pleasurekraft) - josh butler
maintop - german brigante
primitive people(tale of us remix) - mano le tough
people - mark broom
i can see - jazzanova
my sister - weiss
no one gets left behind - dj yellow, flowers and see creatures
i know - leftwing
outside the box - j diesel
pure(lake people remix) akra
going back(maceo plea)
do you feel the vibe- brothers vibe
street life - purple disco machine
believe in me - alexander east
people - purple disco machine/teenage mutants
lonely stars in open skies - maher daniel/jon charnis

drifting 043 with lowercase tres(lowercasesounds.com
August 31, 2015 02:28 PM PDT
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hello friends, this episode brings us some deep dub techno. starts out around 90bpm and works up to about 117bpm towards the end. thanks for taking the time to download and listen.

bp4(dub) - aspect.
imprint - rhythm & sound
only forward - mirror music
eroded - zander one
drum gum - joe le bon
static mind - ???
synkopal - ???
high point - deep warmth
spacewalk - subset
part two - doyen
nuclear race featuring paul st hilaire - beat pharmacy
bp4(zwei kreise dust mix) - aspect.
znaniya - heisa
worthless - oliver dombi
they have been here - planetary secrets
leary - polar lights
dirt - area
red planet - narcotic 303
tell me - alex danilov
time featuring damon aaron - beat pharmacy
walking under water - advanced dreams
smile w/savage - rhythm & sound

drifting 042 with lowercase tres(lowercasesounds.com
July 20, 2015 08:05 PM PDT
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drifting 042 recorded 07.19.15

hello my friends. i hope that you are having a great summer! it has been awhile since i put up a set. this is the first set in a bit that didn't feel forced, and that i felt like it told a story.

if you have not liked the lowercasesounds.com facebook group, please do: http://facebook.com/lowercasesounds

also remember we have live djs on lowercase sounds most nights. also working at filling in some time slots, so if you are a dj and interested, hit me up at http://facebook.com/lowercasetres

thanks always for taking the time to download/stream and listen! it means the world to me!

grab me deep - atramix
you don't know(eppu remix) - lui maldonado
mission - bucher, kessidis
subspace - joeski
meth(milton jackson remix) - sei a
sabnock - paul s, anthony pl
with you(rory cochrane remix) - karmine rosciano
little helper 16-6 - standard fair
every love there ever was(sasha remix) - home video
recall - minotor
little helper 24-5 standard fair
knowing innocence - sei a
late night beat - joss moog
keep thorough(iron galaxy remix) - locked groove
shine - digitaria
I'm sorry - cucumbers
sending my love(forteba remix) - karmine rosciano
little helper 24-6 - standard fair
leave me - hot since 82
fallen star - daniel ray
who do you love - claudio aka clod
def- lindon kidd
release - bucher, kessidis
salmon man feat. alexander east - jay tripwire
free your mind(javier orduna remix) - frank costello
lo siento(versión 2) - los cruzeiros

drifting #041 with lowercase tres(lowercasesounds.com)
February 09, 2015 06:48 PM PST
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i was feeling like hearing a bunch of two lone swordsmen after receiving a autograph and note from andrew weatherall.

niamina - chris herbert
microscopic - gas
nevermore - two lone swordsmen
always something better - trentmoller
butterfly caught - massive attack
patient saints - two lone swordsmen
mathematics and electronics - gas
angel - massive attack
sleep deprivation - the black dog
the kind mob file - two lone swordsmen
take me into your skin - trentmoller
evangeline - two lone swordsmen
spin desire - two lone swordsmen
born bad/ born beautiful9dub of death) - two lone swordsmen
pieces of eight - radioactive man
wrong meeting - two lone swordsmen
rico's kelly - two lone swordsmen
chameleon - trentmoller
nothing at all - radioactive man
bunker - two lone swordsmen
edie eleven - andrew weatherall
rattlesnake daddy - two line swordsmen
la sirena - andrew weatherall
can't do disco without a strat - andrew weatherall
5 armed skeleton - radioactive man
if you lose control of yourself - two lone swordsmen
karma coma - massive attack
wrong meeting two lone swordsmen
we love mutronics - two lone swordsmen
live with me - massive attack
growl - radioactive man
puritan fist - two lone swordsmen

drifting #040 with lowercase tres(lowercasesounds.com) 12.21.14
December 22, 2014 11:09 AM PST
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this weeks podcast is all ambient. download and enjoy.

surrender to your cold embrace - bvdub
cooperative drift - lawrence english
if i could possibly tell the difference, i wouldn't care anyway - benoit pioulard
sleeper - eluvium
karla faye - trials
och natten andades redan under - library tapes
hovering - sawako
back side of the moon - orb
modena - simon scott
tx - pan american
401 - p jorgensen
isthmus - kiln
time to make you mine(in my dreams mix) - lisa stansfield/orb
skank - higher intelligence agency
straight speak - deru
its not the worst(lali puna remix) - two lone swordsmen
vertical pig - future sound of london
tiny reminder no1(c-pij remix vocal) - two lone swordsmen
silene - biosphere
basement business - radioactive man
fifth anchor span - loscil
morocco mole - yasuaki shimizu
when i leave - biosphere

drifting #039 with lowercase tres(lowercasesounds.com) 12.07.14
December 08, 2014 06:26 PM PST
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hello friends! sorry i have taken so long to get a cast up. since (drips) is open on sundays now, i am pretty exhausted about the time i should be playing online.

this set i decided not to tracklist. i am playing a lot of ambient in the beginning, i start to get into some deep house and techno, but still keep the tempo on the mellow side.

i don't really have much to say right now, so i will let the music do the speaking for me.

drifting #038 with lowercase tres(lowercasesounds.com) 08.17.14
September 02, 2014 09:32 AM PDT
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it took me a few weeks to get this up. sorry. mostly dubby techno. i think i will be on this path for a little while.

tantra - deepchord
nectar - deep space research
distance - rhythm & sound
strangers featuring space ape - beat pharmacy
tangerine- beat pharmacy
one love - dim k.s.g
dc mix III - deepchord
cv313 reduction - deepchord
sunk in thoughts - lars leonhard
deep in space - lars leonhard
frame - doyeq
smile(w/savage) - rhythm & sound
phonotone - doyeq
yellow day - doyeq
rooftops featuring coppa - beat pharmacy
echo space excursion - deep chord
pieces featuring ursula rucker - beat pharmacy
drifter - beat pharmacy