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drifting #035 with lowercase tres( 04.06.14
April 08, 2014 09:32 AM PDT
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hi friends! it has been a few weeks, due to events at (drips), but here we are!

this week was a weird one with the passing of the godfather of house music frankie knuckles. i have been listening to all kinds of tributes to him this week, and hearing his music quite a bit. it has brought up a lot of feelings about where i am, and the relationship of my location to the rest of the house music community. i feel like a passing of someone as important to our community is a reminder that we are all connected, and we are all family. so thank you for being party of my life, and my family!

instead of playing the same tunes as everyone else this week, i decided to just shoot from the cuff and let the house flow through me, as it does... i ended up not playing a single frankie tune, but that's ok... i went with my heart, and ended up playing important classics to me.

i started out with the kind of music i was jamming out with 15 years ago, and ended up with the sound that i am pushing more now. all of it is relative and completely makes sense in the scope of the music.

house music will always be in my life. because house music is my life. thank you to frankie knuckles for the light that lights my path.

croque monsieur - dino & terry
out of sight - dizzy & jado
drifting - modulators
rollergirl - magik johnson
beartrap - audiotonic - deep site space
dreams of you(b-boy version) - kevin yost
move on - random factor
si martin(jay tripwire remix) - cristoph
meltdown - magik johnson
satellite feat lori(fred everything remix) - audio soul project
twisted horns - the twisted pair
yesterday & forever - magik johnson
endless - dirty culture, yofunk
can't hide it(tony lionni remix) - alton miller
another world featuring kevin yost & peter funk(03 version) - big sexy
we used to dance feat sunshine jones - dubtribe sound system
lemon pie - universal agents
love sweet sound(nic fanculli remix) - groove armada feat candi staton
gotta know - catz 'n dogz
crystalised(agoria remix/dixon vocal retouch) - martina topley bird, warpaint, mark lanegan
shine(light the sun) - clarian
steady feat jaw - guy gerber, jaw

drifting #034 with lowercase tres( 03.16.14
March 20, 2014 09:39 AM PDT
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hello friends! hope you are having a wonderful week!

this weeks cast is a replay of the set i did in denver a couple weeks ago at the after hours party for denver winter showcase. i play techno and deep house. hope you like it.


black paint(larry herds after dark mix) - moodymanc
león - kessidis bucher
lime wave - sian
dope rhyme(gorge remix) - shawnecy pele
moturazzo - white brothers
padawan(kaster cordalis remix) - jamahr
supersoul - santorini
8586(grant dell remix) - mcnair & clarke - deep site space
move your body like this - jay tripwire
body dreaming - andre from
say yeah - audio soul project
the wanderer(photo 51 distraction mix) - romanthony
black shoes white socks(cajmere remix) - freaks
another world - kevin yost, peter funk
wallio - kiko
hemelpoort - egbert
bigger than prince(hot since 82 remix) - green velvet
acid uprock - maetrik
addiction - purple velvet
we are what we are(balcazar & sordo remix) - sunshine jones
get on down - onions & eti

Denver Winter Showcase warm up with lowercase tres 03.04.14
March 04, 2014 08:06 PM PST
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hey friends hope you are well this week! i played an all vinyl set at the party this last friday and had an absolute blast! this saturday night i will be playing at the afters for the denver winter showcase. more info on facebook at hope to see you there, if you are in the area!

i decided to do a short mix tonight just getting warmed up for denver. it is available for download, and i saved it at a higher bitrate. it is short enough to burn into a cd, if you would like.

one in three - maxxi soundsystem, name one
faction - bucher, kessidis
padawan - jamahr(kaster cordalis remix)
back off - greco & mineo
don't you know - frankawara
mystical vision - refresh
8586 - mcnair & clarke(jay tripwire remix) - deep site space
careless - dusky
them things we do - marc cotterell
we are what we are - sunshine jones( balcazar & sordo remix)
save each other feat. marie tweek - jay tripwire

drifting #033 with lowercase tres( 02.18.14
February 18, 2014 11:59 AM PST
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hello friends! this week i explored a defected in the house comp, then started going deep until i got into some glenn underground. in between i played some new promos from labels that i work with(if that was the case i shared the label in the tracklist). i wont be doing my live broadcast for the next few weeks, so it will more than likely be a while until i get another set posted.

thanks for downloading/streaming! have a great week!

track list:

basement vibe(square one remix) - mettle music
volute(marcel sterling remix) - rico puestel
music in my head(richard schmaltz, pushee remix) - deepologic - deep site space
wrong hands(yoruba soul dub) - nick curly
i still need you - paolo driver & zoobof feat. sofia belen
break ups no make ups - chris james
the world is crazy - supernova
pain in the ass(lewis boardman's greatest pain in the ass remix) - nina kraviz
libre la vida(supernova remix) - danniel selfmade & charlie demir
follow the step(kink beat remix) - rachel row
always take me higher - groove armada
si martin(jay tripwire remix) - christoph
get on down - onionz & eti
brothers and sisters - jay tripwire
??? - ???
these things (seed in the city mix) - marc cotterell - plastik people
music in my head(acid heads remix) - deepologic - deep site space
calor(heat) - glenn underground
city people - glenn underground
you got samba - dolls chambers
our time - soul emphasis
going bananas(gorilla disco) - glenn underground
get on down - david alvarado
new world - kevin mckay
under the milky way(daniel allen's tape edit) - the church

drifting #032 with lowercase tres( 02.09.14
February 11, 2014 11:35 AM PST
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hi friends! this week i started with some ambient house/techno and kept with that vibe for awhile. i weighed heavily towards the higher intelligence agencies music, with some other classics in there. i worked my way from there into some super deep spacey house. i played a few tunes from deep site recordings and deep site space. go buy them they are awesome(not all have been released yet)!

i am getting better at posting my tracklist. so here it is:

M+T=E - higher intelligence agency
karla faye - trials
lichen - aphex twin
delta - higher intelligence agency
supernova at the end of the universe - orb
spectral - higher intelligence agency
shiny metal rods - aphex twin
room 208 - future sound of london
elapse - higher intelligence agency
basement business - radioactive man
firth anchor span - loscil
hubble - higher intelligence agency
spineless jelly - future sound of london
coyote - loscil
once more - orb
king mob file - two lone swordsmen
thirteen - higher intelligence agency
weightless memories - ulrich schnauss
take me into your skin - trentmoller
help me understand i am not alone(echofusion deep dub mix) - david devilla, ivan garci, elisabet aivar - deep site recordings
days without sunshine - koala - deep site recordings
dub wash - john walker
comon -ayr ynk
release - bucher, kessidis
sameo - adapter
you don't know(eppu remix) - lui maldonado
creep feat wayne tennant - michael gracioppo
cold calling(mekanism remix) - jouhl
8586(grant dell remix) - mcnair & clarke - deep site space
little flying cowboys - jeffrey tice

thanks for taking the time to download, and listen. i am taking bookings around the US right now, so if you want to hear me live lets sort it out.

have a great week!

lowercase tres

(the space between us) 01 with lowercase tres live on
January 28, 2014 12:27 PM PST
itunes pic

hi friends! this week i started a new show on i am calling it for now (the space between us). for this first episode i was relying heavy on jay tripwire as well as a few tunes off of the label deep site space. look them up and you will find that i have a couple remixes on the label. smiley


unfamiliar wind - brian eno
sexy blue(inst) - twilite(chris lum)
magic pool - club camarillo
when i fall- abacus featuring bratticus
letters from isabelle - chris lum
create a mood - mogul midges & shades of gray
erotic brass on mars - yoga masters(marc cotterell's super deep remix)
beatnik euphoria - thanos t(deephope remix)
mystical vision - refresh(italy)(jay tripwire remix)
si martin - christoph(jay tripwire remix)
careless - dusky
now you are - david devil & elisabeth aivar(portofino sunrise remix)
creep featuring wayne tennant - michael gracioppo
8586 - mcnair & clarke(jay tripwire remix)
jupiter modulations - jay tripwire(beat pharmacy remix)
galatea - terry vernixangrymarc cotterell remix)
love sweet sound - groove armada featuring candy staton(nice fanculli remix)
unknown - saschienne(dixin mix)
move your body feel like this - jay tripwire
music rises up feat set downes - kyodai(claptone remix)

drifting #031 with lowercase tres( 02.02.14
February 03, 2014 11:09 AM PST
itunes pic

happy february friends! had a good amount of listeners this week to the live broadcast, so i thought i would work fast at getting this set posted for download/stream.

walk- silicon soul
silent world - rod modell
open up for 64 - purple velvet
i'm sorry - cucumbers
motel - tapesh, dayne s
dont you know(wize guys remix) - frankawara
addiction - purple velvet
cold calling(mekanism remix) - jouhl
fallen star - daniel ray
lost - anime edge
padawan(kastar cordalis remix) - jamahr
sabnock - paul s, anthony pl
fizzy - steve mill
recall - minotor
game - lyndon kidd
killing me(ntfo remix) - lexy & k-paul feat yasha
release - bucher, kessidis
faction - bucher, kassidis
mr drive- hot since 82
one in three - maxxi soundsystem, name one
feels like space(junkies remix) - philip arruda
8586(jay tripwire remix) - mcnair & clarke
bigger than prince(hot since 82 remix) - green velvet
carry is pink - paul cart
moturazzo - white brothers
no need to worry(camea jak edit) - marc depulse, overnite, hollis p monroe
sweet groove - reference sound
you dont know(eppu remix) - lui maldonado
anouks lullaby(thamza remix) - alinep
technology - jupiter jazz
dope rhyme(gorge remix) - pele, shawnecy
love me - hector couto
smooth talc - secret cinema
supersoul - santorini
we are what we are(balcazar & sordo remix) - sunshine jones
how i need you - tom conrad, andre bonsor
steady feat. jaw - guy gerber, jaw

have a great week! see you on sunday night at 6pm central standard time.

upcoming gigs:
feb 7 omaha bodywork & yoga center (ambient set with yoga)
feb 28 kansas city at the kc techno 1 year party at uptown arts bar
march 8/9 denver winter showcase(after hours with john tejada)

for booking info hit me up at or

drifting 030 with tres johnson(lowercase sounds)01.05.14
January 21, 2014 10:53 AM PST
itunes pic

hi friends! this weeks episode starts with a tune by my friend jeffrey tice aka copy correct. you can check him out at he does some kick ass mashups of 80s tunes that most of my friends dig.

as for the rest of the tunes, i did not remember to bring the tracklist with me, but decided to get this set up. if you need to know a tune, hit me up with the time in the mix it is playing and i will let you know what it is.

thanks as always for taking the time to download/listen. it means the world to me. you can always tune in live at sundays at 6pm central standard.

have a great week!

drifting #029 with tres johnson( 12.15.13
December 16, 2013 07:50 AM PST
itunes pic

hello friends! i hope this finds you well! starting to figure out my way around my new djing set up. this week, i played the music i had ready for a gig in omaha i played at on saturday night. i am not going to bother with a tracklist... if you need to know a tune ask and i will let you know what it is... another note is that the music starts at about a minute in.

thanks as always for taking the time to download/listen.

tune in most sunday nights at 6pm central standard to to catch the show live.

drifting #028 with tres johnson( 12.08.13
December 09, 2013 09:30 AM PST
itunes pic

hi folks, been a minute... here is the latest set that i did on there are a lot of classic tunes in here, along with some new releases from deep site space(a label i have a couple remixes on). the set starts out in the ambient chillout realm and then builds into a deep chill house vibe... hope you dig.

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