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drifting 042 with lowercase tres(lowercasesounds.com
July 20, 2015 08:05 PM PDT
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drifting 042 recorded 07.19.15

hello my friends. i hope that you are having a great summer! it has been awhile since i put up a set. this is the first set in a bit that didn't feel forced, and that i felt like it told a story.

if you have not liked the lowercasesounds.com facebook group, please do: http://facebook.com/lowercasesounds

also remember we have live djs on lowercase sounds most nights. also working at filling in some time slots, so if you are a dj and interested, hit me up at http://facebook.com/lowercasetres

thanks always for taking the time to download/stream and listen! it means the world to me!

grab me deep - atramix
you don't know(eppu remix) - lui maldonado
mission - bucher, kessidis
subspace - joeski
meth(milton jackson remix) - sei a
sabnock - paul s, anthony pl
with you(rory cochrane remix) - karmine rosciano
little helper 16-6 - standard fair
every love there ever was(sasha remix) - home video
recall - minotor
little helper 24-5 standard fair
knowing innocence - sei a
late night beat - joss moog
keep thorough(iron galaxy remix) - locked groove
shine - digitaria
I'm sorry - cucumbers
sending my love(forteba remix) - karmine rosciano
little helper 24-6 - standard fair
leave me - hot since 82
fallen star - daniel ray
who do you love - claudio aka clod
def- lindon kidd
release - bucher, kessidis
salmon man feat. alexander east - jay tripwire
free your mind(javier orduna remix) - frank costello
lo siento(versión 2) - los cruzeiros

drifting #041 with lowercase tres(lowercasesounds.com)
February 09, 2015 06:48 PM PST
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i was feeling like hearing a bunch of two lone swordsmen after receiving a autograph and note from andrew weatherall.

niamina - chris herbert
microscopic - gas
nevermore - two lone swordsmen
always something better - trentmoller
butterfly caught - massive attack
patient saints - two lone swordsmen
mathematics and electronics - gas
angel - massive attack
sleep deprivation - the black dog
the kind mob file - two lone swordsmen
take me into your skin - trentmoller
evangeline - two lone swordsmen
spin desire - two lone swordsmen
born bad/ born beautiful9dub of death) - two lone swordsmen
pieces of eight - radioactive man
wrong meeting - two lone swordsmen
rico's kelly - two lone swordsmen
chameleon - trentmoller
nothing at all - radioactive man
bunker - two lone swordsmen
edie eleven - andrew weatherall
rattlesnake daddy - two line swordsmen
la sirena - andrew weatherall
can't do disco without a strat - andrew weatherall
5 armed skeleton - radioactive man
if you lose control of yourself - two lone swordsmen
karma coma - massive attack
wrong meeting two lone swordsmen
we love mutronics - two lone swordsmen
live with me - massive attack
growl - radioactive man
puritan fist - two lone swordsmen

drifting #040 with lowercase tres(lowercasesounds.com) 12.21.14
December 22, 2014 11:09 AM PST
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this weeks podcast is all ambient. download and enjoy.

surrender to your cold embrace - bvdub
cooperative drift - lawrence english
if i could possibly tell the difference, i wouldn't care anyway - benoit pioulard
sleeper - eluvium
karla faye - trials
och natten andades redan under - library tapes
hovering - sawako
back side of the moon - orb
modena - simon scott
tx - pan american
401 - p jorgensen
isthmus - kiln
time to make you mine(in my dreams mix) - lisa stansfield/orb
skank - higher intelligence agency
straight speak - deru
its not the worst(lali puna remix) - two lone swordsmen
vertical pig - future sound of london
tiny reminder no1(c-pij remix vocal) - two lone swordsmen
silene - biosphere
basement business - radioactive man
fifth anchor span - loscil
morocco mole - yasuaki shimizu
when i leave - biosphere

drifting #039 with lowercase tres(lowercasesounds.com) 12.07.14
December 08, 2014 06:26 PM PST
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hello friends! sorry i have taken so long to get a cast up. since (drips) is open on sundays now, i am pretty exhausted about the time i should be playing online.

this set i decided not to tracklist. i am playing a lot of ambient in the beginning, i start to get into some deep house and techno, but still keep the tempo on the mellow side.

i don't really have much to say right now, so i will let the music do the speaking for me.

drifting #038 with lowercase tres(lowercasesounds.com) 08.17.14
September 02, 2014 09:32 AM PDT
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it took me a few weeks to get this up. sorry. mostly dubby techno. i think i will be on this path for a little while.

tantra - deepchord
nectar - deep space research
distance - rhythm & sound
strangers featuring space ape - beat pharmacy
tangerine- beat pharmacy
one love - dim k.s.g
dc mix III - deepchord
cv313 reduction - deepchord
sunk in thoughts - lars leonhard
deep in space - lars leonhard
frame - doyeq
smile(w/savage) - rhythm & sound
phonotone - doyeq
yellow day - doyeq
rooftops featuring coppa - beat pharmacy
echo space excursion - deep chord
pieces featuring ursula rucker - beat pharmacy
drifter - beat pharmacy

drifting #037 with lowercase tres(lowercasesounds.com) 05.11.14
May 12, 2014 06:46 AM PDT
itunes pic

hello friends! hope you are well this week!

this set is a compilation of some of the highlight tunes that i played at big omaha this past week. i was planning on the set to go a bit longer, but we had a huge storm rolling over our house as i was playing. the photo for this podcast is of the clouds over the house as i was starting. i look out the window as a i play, and it looked as if the world was coming down around me.

i am so proud and grateful to be a part of big omaha all these years. i love the new friends it brings into my life, and i love reconnecting with the people that i only see one time a year! it has such a solid impact on me, and gets me inspired to keep pushing on with all of my projects... from music to art to my coffee shop/art gallery.

enough talk lets get to the music. you will find that the microphone announcement is a little loud and crisp but it settles down right away.

thank you for taking the time to download/stream/pay attention it really means so much to me... i love sharing the music i love! if you ever want to catch my show live, i play most sunday nights at 6pm central time on lowercasesounds.com. i also am willing to play anywhere, so if you want to book me, hit me up and we can sort it out.

track list:

tunnel vision feat stee downes - audiojack
careless - dusky
hefenstrasse - gorge & nick curly
how i need you - tom conrad, andre bonsor
the wanderer - romananthony
i want you to dance - doorly
visions - jay tripwire
fye(kevin yost tc4m remix) - eric faust
back to joy - audio soul project
le fantaa me - claude von stroke & jaw
are you ready for the future feat. heather - 2nd shift
mystical vision(jay tripwire remix) - refresh(italy)
keep control - sono
move your body - jay tripwire
8586(grant dell remix) - mcnair & clarke - deep site space
from now on - josh milan & namy
its got to be( phil weeks remix) - blockhead
sleepless nights - alex niggeman & marc poppcke
serialist - terry vernixx - deep site space
do it now - dubtribe sound system

drifting #036 with lowercase tres(lowercasesounds.com) 05.04.14
May 05, 2014 11:10 AM PDT
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hello friends! this week finds us drifting through some ambient music. thanks for taking the time to check it out!



travellers tales - arbre noir
contenance - marsen jules
worthy - bluetech
clouds drift - dino pacifici
oleander - bluetech
everybody - circkl'z
at the beginning - daniel masson & pascal gal liar
oracle - scene
pray - d551
little fluffy clouds - the orb
exposer(aes dana remix) - aural planet
morning lights arbre noir
wilderness - blue tech
easy - d551
mudmen - daniel masson & pascal gaillar
papua tambarens - daniel masson & pascal gaillar
estrela - aurora
airstream - bluetech
sleep will come - bliss
blue chip - silverstar
hot shit - cuba
going under - rockers hi-fi
inorganic creatures - capsula
mulholland dub - capsula
drifting memories - batistatos
protoplasma - arbre noir
butterfly kiss - atman
people - d551
shamans drum -atman
flurrying dovecots - bullitnuts
the hush - rae & christian with texas

drifting #035 with lowercase tres(lowercasesounds.com) 04.06.14
April 08, 2014 09:32 AM PDT
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hi friends! it has been a few weeks, due to events at (drips), but here we are!

this week was a weird one with the passing of the godfather of house music frankie knuckles. i have been listening to all kinds of tributes to him this week, and hearing his music quite a bit. it has brought up a lot of feelings about where i am, and the relationship of my location to the rest of the house music community. i feel like a passing of someone as important to our community is a reminder that we are all connected, and we are all family. so thank you for being party of my life, and my family!

instead of playing the same tunes as everyone else this week, i decided to just shoot from the cuff and let the house flow through me, as it does... i ended up not playing a single frankie tune, but that's ok... i went with my heart, and ended up playing important classics to me.

i started out with the kind of music i was jamming out with 15 years ago, and ended up with the sound that i am pushing more now. all of it is relative and completely makes sense in the scope of the music.

house music will always be in my life. because house music is my life. thank you to frankie knuckles for the light that lights my path.

croque monsieur - dino & terry
out of sight - dizzy & jado
drifting - modulators
rollergirl - magik johnson
beartrap - audiotonic - deep site space
dreams of you(b-boy version) - kevin yost
move on - random factor
si martin(jay tripwire remix) - cristoph
meltdown - magik johnson
satellite feat lori(fred everything remix) - audio soul project
twisted horns - the twisted pair
yesterday & forever - magik johnson
endless - dirty culture, yofunk
can't hide it(tony lionni remix) - alton miller
another world featuring kevin yost & peter funk(03 version) - big sexy
we used to dance feat sunshine jones - dubtribe sound system
lemon pie - universal agents
love sweet sound(nic fanculli remix) - groove armada feat candi staton
gotta know - catz 'n dogz
crystalised(agoria remix/dixon vocal retouch) - martina topley bird, warpaint, mark lanegan
shine(light the sun) - clarian
steady feat jaw - guy gerber, jaw

drifting #034 with lowercase tres(lowercasesounds.com) 03.16.14
March 20, 2014 09:39 AM PDT
itunes pic

hello friends! hope you are having a wonderful week!

this weeks cast is a replay of the set i did in denver a couple weeks ago at the after hours party for denver winter showcase. i play techno and deep house. hope you like it.


black paint(larry herds after dark mix) - moodymanc
león - kessidis bucher
lime wave - sian
dope rhyme(gorge remix) - shawnecy pele
moturazzo - white brothers
padawan(kaster cordalis remix) - jamahr
supersoul - santorini
8586(grant dell remix) - mcnair & clarke - deep site space
move your body like this - jay tripwire
body dreaming - andre from
say yeah - audio soul project
the wanderer(photo 51 distraction mix) - romanthony
black shoes white socks(cajmere remix) - freaks
another world - kevin yost, peter funk
wallio - kiko
hemelpoort - egbert
bigger than prince(hot since 82 remix) - green velvet
acid uprock - maetrik
addiction - purple velvet
we are what we are(balcazar & sordo remix) - sunshine jones
get on down - onions & eti